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Anyone know of Special Purpose Chat Sites? [Aug. 12th, 2009|02:59 pm]


I Googled heavily for my answer before I posted here. I actually got lots of hits but nothing that quite seemed to meet my needs. I figure that what I'm trying to do must have been done before so I just need to find the right set of geeks to help me.

I'm trying to set up a chat area for members of another website but for the sake of argument, it might just as well be "for" LJ users as it presents the same sorts of challenges. You'll see what I mean. I'd be willing to do it with software and set up a server to run it out of from my house if I absolutely had to, but ideally I'd prefer to have it hosted elsewhere.

So, I would like to know if an online chat site currently exists that offers the following features:

Moderated membership:
Meaning that one or more moderators have the ability to disable or delete a member who is abusive or who attempts to create a fake account there.

User names unique to users outside the site:
Meaning that users can create names on this chat site that reflect their user names on another site, (to be verified by the above listed moderators. I don't even especially care if the solution is aliases for existing user names, ie, the site could allow users who are members of Yahoo IM or AIM or Google IM to log in and slip on an alias for this chat room that is not the user name they are registered under with that IM account.

Preferably, but not necessarily, Free (or advertising supported):
Meaning there are no fees to members, although a small fee would not be out of the question.

BTW, if you decide that I should go the "host it myself" route, please understand I prefer to run linux where possible but I am also competent with windows. I am mostly not a mac user, but I have a couple and could even use one for the project if required.